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MIB School of Management

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MIB School of Management
Age: 23

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Do I need to take TOEFL even though I’ve done my one year of college and three years of high school in USA?

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I’m planning on applying to universities like University of Maryland, New York University, American University and Clarkson University. I’m currently attending a Community College, where I’ve finished 30 credits and working towards another 15. Like i said, I’ve done my high school in USA, too, but only from 10th grade and on. I’ve been speaking English for over 5 years now, and I’m as fluent as my native language or even more. I moved to USA five years ago and been speaking English ever since. I didn’t have to take TOEFL when I entered into Community College. I only took the placement exam and did really well. I’ve even taken ENG 1010 and ENG 1020 and got ‘A’ in both classes. Do i need to take TOEFL to get into any of the universities listed above? It’d be greatly appreciated if you share your knowledge. Thank You

Should i take TOEFL if i am applying to a LAW SCHOOL?

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i know that law school doesn’t require it. but i have a low score in my graduation in English so i don’t want to take any chance, so which one is more preferable to take in case of law schools.

can any one tell what will be a really good score to get before apply

Im a US high school student, would it help if i took the Toefl?

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The toefl looks easy, Im pretty sure I Could get a perfect score but would it give me an advantage over other high school students if i took it and aced it even though english is my native language?

Garden City English School, Christchurch, New Zealand

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