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The Top 3 English words you need to know – HAVE

Posted in TOEFL Videos & TOEFL ibt Videos on June 18th, 2012 by TOEFL ibt – 24 Comments There are three words in English you must know to master the language. Do you know which ones they are? In this lesson you will be taught the first HAVE. We use this word in basic sentence structure, but it has other uses, too. Do you know its basic meaning? Do you know the five ways that HAVE is commonly used? Watch this lesson now and find out! Then test your understanding with the quiz:

Need to, have to, must – modals of necessity

Posted in TOEFL Videos & TOEFL ibt Videos on March 15th, 2012 by TOEFL ibt – 24 Comments An important grammar lesson on the proper use of need to, have to, and must in English. Learn how to use these modals of necessity like native English speakers. I’ll teach you when, how, and why to use them in this lesson. Then take a quiz at .

I am an international student and I really need take TOEFL test. Need Help.?

Posted in TOEFL FAQs & TOEFL ibt FAQs on March 5th, 2011 by TOEFL ibt – 1 Comment

I want to go to UCSD. University of California in San Diego. I have to take TOFEL test on the computer. Do you know how many points I have to get on the test so I can go to UCSD? I really don’t know. Please Help.

Do I need to take TOEFL even though I’ve done my one year of college and three years of high school in USA?

Posted in TOEFL FAQs & TOEFL ibt FAQs on December 6th, 2010 by TOEFL ibt – 4 Comments

I’m planning on applying to universities like University of Maryland, New York University, American University and Clarkson University. I’m currently attending a Community College, where I’ve finished 30 credits and working towards another 15. Like i said, I’ve done my high school in USA, too, but only from 10th grade and on. I’ve been speaking English for over 5 years now, and I’m as fluent as my native language or even more. I moved to USA five years ago and been speaking English ever since. I didn’t have to take TOEFL when I entered into Community College. I only took the placement exam and did really well. I’ve even taken ENG 1010 and ENG 1020 and got ‘A’ in both classes. Do i need to take TOEFL to get into any of the universities listed above? It’d be greatly appreciated if you share your knowledge. Thank You

Do I need to give TOEFL?

Posted in TOEFL FAQs & TOEFL ibt FAQs on December 5th, 2010 by TOEFL ibt – 1 Comment

I am an amrican, live in India. My first language is Gujarati (thats an indian language) but i do know eng very well. I study in an english school. I am planning to continue my further studies i.e. university in the states. I gave SAT but am not sure if i have to give TOEFL. So if any ideas then pl help me out.

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